Getting in touch!
We pride ourselves on being very easy to reach! We're available on email, phone, website, instagram & facebook. We're happy to provide rough pricing via email - so if you're not sure if we're in your price bracket - send us an email for an obligation-free quote

Consultation / Design
We meet at our studio and ask you to bring along any inspiration you might have - pinterest, magazine clippings, screenshots - every little bit helps to give us an idea of your personality & style. Based on what you bring, we will show you fabric &/or lace samples that we feel is most appropriate for the drape / silhouette that we're trying to achieve.
We use this time to get to know you a little bit better & understand more about your upcoming event! Its all very relaxed - and we encourage you to bring your bridesmaids / sister / mom along too


Once we have established the look you're after, we will start designing a few options that fit your brief & occasion. This will be sent to you via email along with a full quote and detailed list of fabrics we have discussed. 
If the quote/sketch is confirmed, we ask 50% deposit, which books your space with us & goes towards securing fabrics that have been selected. There is room to discuss further fabric options to the quote, but any changes will require a quote revision.
Following the purchasing of fabrics, we also send you out a detailed scheduled for the all fittings

Measuring ( 2.5 - 3months prior to delivery )
Your body measurements will be taken – please wear a good bra or shapewear if you plan to wear it on the event date ( something you like the support / shaping of. ) Most of our couture pieces have bust support built into them, but if this is not the case, please consider the type of bra you will otherwise wear on the event day ( strapless / seamless / braless )

First Fitting / Toile
 After measuring, we will draft a pattern for your figure & make a calico sample for fitting of your dress. It will be the basic shape & size, and is a good time for us to see the sketch on your body & discuss any alternatives ( ie, lower neckline / remove straps etc ) ,
You will fit the base of your gown & you will see the silhouette come to life for the first time!  If something needs adjustment – this is the best time to say so!  

Second Fitting
You will fit the base of your gown in true fabric before any lace or detail is added / fit will be adjusted for new fabric requirements

Third Fitting
The base fit is perfected / alterations are made. Depending on style – all cut fabrics will in place by this fitting & lace details will be pinned on to achieve the visual we are after. This is when we will require you to have your shoes selected, as the hem is marked

Fourth Fitting
The gown will be finished in overall look, with a few details still to be finalized, lining will be inserted & sizing will be finalized before garment is closed via zip / buttons / corset back
Bridal Clients: Veil is draped & marked

Final Fitting
All details will be adjusted again now that the silhouette is finalized & veil will be cut to size with details pinned through.
Hem is cut & finished ahead of pick up

Pick Up
The gown is tried on one final time for you to look over & its ready to take home!